Beauty is only skin-deep?

For the longest time I refuse to let myself appear as a beauty addict even it was my deepest obsession for years,  I used to stalk each MAC collection launch (as MAC Cosmetics) which was BIG in the 2000s, and my dream is to work as a makeup artist in MAC or other creative cosmetics counter so I could do makeup for different people every day!

It has yet to happen, of course, this is not even something I would dare to bring up to my Mother, who would have never accept for a Uni graduate and that’s the story.

After few years before I get married I took a course as certificate beautician for pure interest, still makeup is my thing and I ever tried to start some project with friends who are getting marry, and then realized my skill set is not ready for the task, as so I was stuck on the marketing part, not that I did a bad job just not enough for what I would like to provide my paid customers.

The years before I have my son, I saw an ad from L’Oreal for part-time makeup artists to work on weekend and holiday, so I tried to apply but turn out they actually look for more regular partitme on daily basis, even asked if I would consider working full time. Since I was doing okay in my current job, so the secured self really don’t see how could completely change the career like so.

As well I still have doubt rather I could do good on the job. This thought is deadly and I shouldn’t have in the first place.

Fast forward to the present, my son is 4 and I’m in a career rut, where simply I would need a change after 13 years working on the same job.

However, to consider also the working hours and flexibility of my current office job, there’s no doubt it would be more kid-appropriate definitely, I can’t image to not be with my kid at night and during the weekend…

My goal is to work in a cosmetics counter after my son gets a bit older maybe in 8-10 years time, and if my passion for makeup still alive. Will see!

After all the years I live, I no longer care if people see me as skin-deep.


So close!!! 差少少就…

( 前兩日先話忙… 哈哈,寫到就寫啦)

近排真的忙, 但越忙越有壓力就越手痕想去買嘢.

以前香港都有唔少Subscription box – 就係一個月畀一定嘅錢去買一盒你唔知將會收到係咩嘅嘢, minimalism真係差十條街.

我自知係一個bargain shopper, 為左覺得有錢賺而去買嗰種.

前兩日唔住誘惑Sign-up咗fabfitfun個 winter box成為US$40蚊 (港紙三百幾) 導火線就係我見到入面有一支 Kate Somerville 嘅 ExfoliKate (US$75!!)一嚟未試過個牌子好想試, 又好著數咁.

直到今朝突然醒覺, 覺得我根本唔需要其他去角質產品, 而對於將會收到一堆我唔知係咩嘅嘢, 我已經可以幻想到去處理嗰陣時嘅壓力同時間分分鐘(絕對)畀我去買個盒嘅錢要多.

而近排我又有幾樣嘢想買, 都係我覺得實用同日日用到嘅, 與其洗錢去買啲唔知咩, 點解唔直接買我想要嘅嘢呢??


真係不幸中之大幸, 好險好險執番身彩, 真係唔好有下次( 一額汗中).






我的眉路歷程 X 平民版 Anastasia => e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

假如下半世只能用一樣化妝品, 十幾歲時是唇膏, 廿幾是眼影, 但現在的我會揀眉部產品.

因眉是面的"骨幹", 加上細時自己攪到高低眉, 就是素顏有畫同無畫是可以差好多! (起碼我自己是).

成日聽人講bad hair day, 我更在意bad brow day, 條眉畫得好個日真的心情都靚D.