Taobao小童冬季採購指南 (4歲)

遲到好過無到, 雖已入冬也經過前陣子只有幾度的天氣, 正好可以實測一下.
入冬最重要當然是保暖, 但通爽舒適不過熱也要十分注意, 熱病一般比冷病難好 ><

17TaobaoUnderPant (2)打底衣 (

內衣首選棉質, 中領護頸呼吸道易過敏及哮喘非常重要.
95%棉有彈性也帶有一點厚度, 105cm (16+kg)偏瘦仔貼身不緊身. 110剛好(之前買了一件), 但120 衫身長一點更好.

17TaobaoUnderPant (1)

加厚秋裤 (

這個厚薄中等, 留夏天當睡褲(冷氣房).

因冬天我喜偏厚睡褲, 內加一薄長打底, 早上換褲唔會凍倒對腳.

打底裤 (
買到這個全棉好開心, 我買120碼有點長褲襠也深, 100+高 110碼可以. (是乎喜好,內衣我一般會買大一點點, 不怕反瞓袖同褲腳luk起).


17TaobaoSleepPant (1)

纯棉空气层保暖褲  (

冬天睡褲, 一般10幾度單著, 冷一點的加一長打底.

17TaobaoSleepPant (2)

婴儿童纯棉睡袍 (

一般香港冬天足夠了, 105cm 穿130碼是長袍, 好大應可穿幾年. 我是底衫+羊毛衫再加袍.

我當睡袍是被, 最多加毛巾被蓋一下腳.

儿童睡袍秋冬季 (

非常厚, 要10度以下才可以.

冬棉裤 (

跟對上冬袍一樣厚, 香港基本上是穿不了…

但如日間10度以下在家會坐地玩可考慮( 我還未洗😅)

之前買過這個, 2-3歲可以, 但尺碼以嬰幼兒為主, 再沒更大碼了. 

南极人儿童保暖 (



年尾清假, 放假當然特別充實, 一早就去街市買定今晚 蕃茄薯仔紅蘿蔔洋蔥粟米豬肉湯的材料.

行過見到有大蕉, (師奶智慧:蕉就要有大買大, 越細隻蕉皮比例越高) 揀咗梳9蚊去比錢, 老闆一見梳蕉就話乜咁貴㗎, 可能寫錯…. 我??? Anyways 畀20找左13 (=7)

其實銷售角度而言, 我接受咗$9個offer, 佢照收係天經地義, 但竟然無端端平番畀我, 加上我1年只去個幾次…

真係人間有真情人間有真愛 😍

P.S. 買餸一定要去街市, 有次收工唔夠時間去 PK shop 貴差唔多一倍 😑

The minimalist who haul?

I decided to set up a separate Instagram to be my happy place that truly reflects my own, and lately, there are hauls and more will be coming.

My wonderland is for whose interest and understand the happiness of beauty products, as well the excitement of opening a brand new packaging, as Maria sing: …brown paper packages tight up with string, these are a few of my favors things😘

So it’s the reason to keep it separated from the original account for my main proud and joy – Mr. Kelvin!

For me, minimalism is to keep only what makes me happy, so I get to have more resource and energy if to focus on much fewer objects and subjects.

And I tried to source and keep only the best bit, if it’s not something fits my lifestyle and value, I would sell,  donate or pass on.

Still, I consider myself a minimalist and this minimalist do haul!

Beauty is only skin-deep?

For the longest time I refuse to let myself appear as a beauty addict even it was my deepest obsession for years,  I used to stalk each MAC collection launch (as MAC Cosmetics) which was BIG in the 2000s, and my dream is to work as a makeup artist in MAC or other creative cosmetics counter so I could do makeup for different people every day!

It has yet to happen, of course, this is not even something I would dare to bring up to my Mother, who would have never accept for a Uni graduate and that’s the story.

After few years before I get married I took a course as certificate beautician for pure interest, still makeup is my thing and I ever tried to start some project with friends who are getting marry, and then realized my skill set is not ready for the task, as so I was stuck on the marketing part, not that I did a bad job just not enough for what I would like to provide my paid customers.

The years before I have my son, I saw an ad from L’Oreal for part-time makeup artists to work on weekend and holiday, so I tried to apply but turn out they actually look for more regular partitme on daily basis, even asked if I would consider working full time. Since I was doing okay in my current job, so the secured self really don’t see how could completely change the career like so.

As well I still have doubt rather I could do good on the job. This thought is deadly and I shouldn’t have in the first place.

Fast forward to the present, my son is 4 and I’m in a career rut, where simply I would need a change after 13 years working on the same job.

However, to consider also the working hours and flexibility of my current office job, there’s no doubt it would be more kid-appropriate definitely, I can’t image to not be with my kid at night and during the weekend…

My goal is to work in a cosmetics counter after my son gets a bit older maybe in 8-10 years time, and if my passion for makeup still alive. Will see!

After all the years I live, I no longer care if people see me as skin-deep.