Beauty is only skin-deep?

For the longest time I refuse to let myself appear as a beauty addict even it was my deepest obsession for years,  I used to stalk each MAC collection launch (as MAC Cosmetics) which was BIG in the 2000s, and my dream is to work as a makeup artist in MAC or other creative cosmetics counter so I could do makeup for different people every day!

It has yet to happen, of course, this is not even something I would dare to bring up to my Mother, who would have never accept for a Uni graduate and that’s the story.

After few years before I get married I took a course as certificate beautician for pure interest, still makeup is my thing and I ever tried to start some project with friends who are getting marry, and then realized my skill set is not ready for the task, as so I was stuck on the marketing part, not that I did a bad job just not enough for what I would like to provide my paid customers.

The years before I have my son, I saw an ad from L’Oreal for part-time makeup artists to work on weekend and holiday, so I tried to apply but turn out they actually look for more regular partitme on daily basis, even asked if I would consider working full time. Since I was doing okay in my current job, so the secured self really don’t see how could completely change the career like so.

As well I still have doubt rather I could do good on the job. This thought is deadly and I shouldn’t have in the first place.

Fast forward to the present, my son is 4 and I’m in a career rut, where simply I would need a change after 13 years working on the same job.

However, to consider also the working hours and flexibility of my current office job, there’s no doubt it would be more kid-appropriate definitely, I can’t image to not be with my kid at night and during the weekend…

My goal is to work in a cosmetics counter after my son gets a bit older maybe in 8-10 years time, and if my passion for makeup still alive. Will see!

After all the years I live, I no longer care if people see me as skin-deep.



朋友(大)公司有例, 如同公司同事結婚及兩職位上有利益衝突, 其一便須調職或離職.
老公是她上司, 所以一結婚老公便辭職.


用common sense 惗: 強(有能力)應會較易搵工跳一跳分分鍾掙多咗. 弱(能加較低或是如好食懶非)一定唔走.

除非兩者都強但人工不同, 人工高的會留, 少的走.

當然也要考慮工作環境, 如日後生BB等.


P.S. 朋友是超女強人.

Bangkok 2017 Day 6 (Last Day)

Day 6 (19 Aug) 佛廟餵魚 + 差D上唔到飛機

原先最後一日無定行程, 但下午2點飛機, 親戚說還有時間先去佛廟餵魚之後直接去機場.

泰國華人(上年紀的)都愛放生魚, 也會去餵魚當行善作福, 佛廟就在河邊. 他們一買就是一底底麵包同成包魚糧(我們人多, 他們也算是比較豪餵的).

因為是在河邊加上長期有人餵, D魚超多超大條(其實有少少恐怖的), 如成條包放落去, D魚在爭先恐後的情況下水花是可以輕微濕身(我成朝在抺眼鏡). 非常好玩! 真感激有親戚帶我們去!