Get good plastic: Not all plastics can be recycled equally

Plastic always got a bad rap.

In fact, some plastic is more environmentally friendlier than others.

Take for example clear PET bottles, this is universally recyclable. Even in Hong Kong.

And I have noticed my recent habit of taking snacks to work that consumes quite a bit of plastic food wraps daily, and those are clearly nonrecyclable.

Also, I have a tendency to use plastic bag for food preserve purpose, even for something really small (and in fact not make sense to have a bag wasted), that also creates a lot of burden for Mr. Earth.

For that, I decided to get few plastic containers which I have not done for many years, and use them intentionally to replace the plastic food wrap and bag. And at the end, I can have them recycle toi. Win-win😉

It turns out to be a hit for my family and a great success!

Happy to know the trio from Ikea is well enough for the rotation, combining with few glass containers that already own.

Ironically, it might probably be one of the best household purchase in 2018.


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